Concert „Portrait of an unknown artist”

16th of November at 7pm
St. Nicholas' Church , St Antonius Chapel (Niguliste 3, Tallinn)

„Portrait of an unknown artist”
ensemble UNA CORDA

Kristi Mühling - kannel
Liis Viira - harp
Ene Nael – harpsichord

soloist ANDRUS KALLASTU (voice)

In 2019, Una Corda celebrates its 10th anniversary season. In honor of that jolly event, we have treated us with a series of concerts and a variety of solists who make their first appearance with us in a row of newly commissioned works. We’re utterly happy to have been able to open the festive season by a prize recently awarded to Una Corda by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia for our contribution to Estonian contemporary music scene.

Today we’d like to present you with two new pieces by Galina Grigorjeva and Ülo Krigul. The title of our program originates from a piece called Display no IV „Portrait of an unknown artist“, written by Raimo Kangro, initially for flute, cello, and harpsichord.

To resonate with the current temper of Nature, we have helped us with Finnish composer Pekka Jalkanen, and arranged a piece of his cycle „November“. Another arrangement by Una Corda, J. S. Bach’s cantata „Wachet auf, ruft uns die stimme“ BWV140, originally for vocal soloists and small orchestra, will deliver a hunch of solemn eternity.

As a tradition, we’ll intrigue the audience with some live-compositions.

This concert receives its one-of-a-kind final touch through St. Antonius Chapel’s unique atmosphere that is so splendidly supporting the various soundscapes of Una Corda.
(Tlk. Saale Fischer)

Tickets: 10.- /5- (student, teacher, pensioner) presale at Fienta.com and before the concert at the venue (in cash).





Una Corda live - composition

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme BWV 140
Una Corda´s arrangement

Galina Grigorjeva (1962)
Evenings Bells (2019) – PREMIERE!

Pekka Jalkanen (1945)
November (2016) Una Corda´s arrangement
1. "Kuulen lume tulekut" for kannel
2. "Hall neelab valge" for kannel and harp
3. "Tähed" for kannel, harp and harpsichord

Ülo Krigul (1978)
Quilty pleasures in open D from the Real Fakebook (2019) – PREMIERE!

Una Corda live – live composition

Raimo Kangro (1949-2001)

Display IV Tundmatu muusiku portree op 42 (1992)
Una Corda´ arrangement

Una Corda live – live composition

Una Corda (Italian for “one string”) is a unique ensemble combining 
three differently plucked instruments: harp, Estonian chromatic 
kannel, and harpsichord. The trio was established in 2009 by Kristi 
Mühling (kannel), Liis Viira (harp), and Ene Nael (harpsichord).

Una Corda’s colour palette reaches from intimate and delicate nuances 
to bright and powerful accents. Ensemble’s soundscape benefits from 
specific features of each instrument: rhythmical impulses and density 
of the harpsichord; sustained reverberation, ethereal quality and 
brilliance of kannel’s upper register, complemented by round depths of 
the harp.

Una Corda ansambel
kontakttelefon: 56455286